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Naruto NonCanon Couples Club

Who loves believes in the Impossible

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Welcome to Naruto Non-Canon Couples Club on Livejournal
I've see things you genin would never expect

Looking for something weird? Something you would never, never expect to happen, something, that you know, its' pointless, but makes your InnerFangirl (or boy, why not?) giggle and squee, and makes you waste sleep trying to build a storyline in wich the impossible come true!? yes, Helpless Shippers, this club is definitely your place!
We create this club on the purpose of collecting the strangest pairing's art we can find here on Livejournal, because in Naruto's world is quite common to find weird couples that still gets some charm!
No matter how drunk you were when you first put those two together, we'll like you anyway!

Any member is gladly allowed to sumbit anything (fanfic, fanart, photos, cosplay, artcrafts, wallpapers and music videos) concering the topic of the community that is NARUTO-NONCANON COUPLES . Any other discussion, even the most Naru-centric is not allowed here.
Please put mature content images under a cut and make sharing posts (like doujishin and stuff) friends only

Since there is a great amount of Naruto slash art all around, we are going to consider slash couples only if they are really really weird (like KisamexZabuza or ZakuxKankuro and stuff like this.....)
Since is not so easy to understand what couples are 'canon' we built our own rules about it:
Canon Couples are....
* couples that include a love interest from at least one of the members (for example Lee and Sakura, or Hinata and Naruto, not to talk about Sakura and Sasuke)
* couples the author hinted someway, even if the existence of the relationship is open to speculation (to my most dislike, Asuma and Kurenai... )
* couples that are quite likely to be, or even blandly hinted, and gots a great support from fandom ( for example, Kiba and Hinata )
* obviously, actual couples, as Mr and Mrs Nara, or Kazekage and his wife.

To your ease, we made a list of what we consider canon couples, following one or more of this rules:
Anko x Kurenai |
Asuma x Kurenai | Asuma x Shikamaru|
Choji x Shikamaru |
Deidara x Sasori |
Dosu x Zaku |
Genma x Hayate | Genma x Raidou |
Gaara x Lee | Gaara x Naruto | Gaara x Yashamaru |
Gai x Lee | Gai x Kakashi |
Haku x Zabuza | Haku x Naruto |
Iruka x Naruto |
Inoichi x Shikaku |
Itachi x Sasuke | Itachi x Kisame| Itachi x Naruto |
Izumo x Kotetsu |
Lee x Sakura | Lee x Neji |
Jiraya x Tsunade | Jiraya x Orochimaru | Jiraya x Naruto|
Kabuto x Orochimaru |
Kakashi x Obito | Kakashi x Iruka | Kakashi x Zabuza | Kakashi x Yondaime | Kakashi x Rin|
Kankuro x Shino |
Kiba x Hinata | Kiba x Shino|
Kimimaro x Orochimaru |
Naruto x Sakura| Naruto x Hinata | Naruto x Sasuke | Naruto x Neji |
Neji x Tenten | Neji x Hinata |
Sasuke x Sakura | Sasuke x Ino | Sasuke x Orochimaru |
Sakura x Ino|
Sakon x Ukon|
Shikamaru x Ino | Shikamaru x Temari|
Obito x Rin |
Orochimaru x Anko | Orochimaru x Sandaime |
Tsunade x Shizune | Tsunade x Sakura |

Any other pairing would be considered Non-Canon and welcome on the community!

You can find us at Naruto-NonCanon Club on DeviantArt http://naruto-noncanon.deviantart.com/

Spamming other Naruto Crack-Pairing communities here is VERY WELCOME ! XD
Anyone who wants to affiliate their community (only Naruto-centered communities, please) just contact the mods:


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